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Communicating with the Committee

How do I submit comments on a bill?

For a hearing which is occurring on a Tuesday, written comments should be received in the Committee office by noon on the Wednesday before the hearing if the party submitting the comment would like its support or opposition to be listed in the Committee Analysis.  Letters from individuals are listed as a group (e.g.  "Individuals in support: several). Organizations are listed as separate entities.

To ensure written comments are received on time, the Committee strongly encourages commenters to submit a copy by facsimile to (916) 319.2196.  All correspondence coming in to the Capitol is screened for safety and there can be delays with high volumes of mail.

What is the format and address for comment letters?

Comment letters should be addressed to:

The Honorable Marc Levine, Chair
Assembly Water, Parks & Wildlife Committee
1020 N Street, Suite 160
Sacramento, CA 95814

In order to ensure that comment letters are recieved in a timely fashion copy should be submitted by facsimile to (916) 319.2196 or the letter can be hand-delivered to the Committee office at the above address.  Comment letters should clearly state the bill number and whether the party supports the bill, opposes the bill, supports the bill if amended, or opposes the bill unless amended.  If you are submitting a letter as an individual, the letter should state "I support" or "I oppose."  If you are authorized to submit a letter on behalf of an organization and are doing so, the letter should state "The [name of organization] supports" or "The [name of organization] opposes."

Can I submit written comments by email?

The Committee requests that you do not send comments by e-mail as it is difficult to ensure they will be received in a timely manner. Written comments should be submitted by facsimile to (916) 319.2196. There is a high volume of electronic correspondence received by the Committee, particularly in the weeks before a hearing.  E-mail messages are sometimes misidentified as “SPAM” in the electronic filtering system and can be delayed by several days.

Are Committee hearings public?

Yes.  All Committee hearings are open to the public.  Assembly Water, Parks and Wildlife Committee hearings are usually set on a second or fourth Tuesday of the Legislative Calendar and take place in Room 437 of the Capitol. Please be advised that the way weeks are numbered on the Legislative Calendar can vary from a traditional calendar.  The Legislative Calendar can be accessed at:

Can I make comments in person?

Yes.  Following the author’s presentation of the bill, the Chair invites those who are present and in support of the bill state their support. Following that, the Chair will invite those in opposition to do the same.

How do I know when a bill is scheduled to be heard?

Bills which are set for hearing are listed in the Assembly Daily File.  Bills are usually in the Daily File at least 3 days prior to the set hearing date. However, on occasion, a bill may be heard on the first day it appears in the Daily File. The “Hearings” tab on the Committee web site is linked to the Assembly Daily File.  The full Daily File can be accessed via the “Quick Links” section at the bottom of the Committee home page.  Check the Daily File before attending a hearing as the date for a particular bill may change.

Can I watch the hearing on the internet?

Some, but not all, Committee hearings are available in streaming video on The California Channel web site at under the “Video on Demand” tab.  Unfortunately, the Committee usually does not know if the hearing will be televised until the Friday or Monday before the scheduled hearing date.  The availability of a live webcast depends on several factors, including what other hearings are occurring at the same time.  Even if a hearing is not available live, if it was televised, it is frequently archived on The California Channel web site and available in 2 or 3 working days.

Can I listen to the hearing on the internet?

Yes.  A link to listen to the hearing can be found on the “Hearings” tab on the Committee web site ( and will be active during the hearing. 

Can I purchase a DVD copy of a hearing?

Yes.  You can purchase a DVD copy of a televised hearing through the California Channel web site http://calchannel.comunder the “Contact” tab or by contacting Assembly TV at (916) 319.2813. The charge for the DVD through Assembly TV is currently $10 per tape.

Can I obtain a copy of a Committee bill analysis?  

Hard copies of the Committee analyses of bills that are scheduled for hearing are available in the committee office one day prior to the hearing.  Committee analyses are also available online at

How else can I get involved with a bill that is in the Assembly?

You can contact your Assembly representative or members of the policy Committee to which the bill has been assigned.  However, unless your Assembly representative is on one or more of the policy Committees to which the bill is referred, they won’t have a chance to vote on the bill unless and until it goes to the Assembly for a floor vote (a full vote of all Assembly members present).  If you are not sure who your Assembly representative is, you can go the “Find My Representative” link on the Assembly home page,

Can I track a bill that interests me while it goes through the legislative process?

Yes.  If you have an e-mail address, you can go to and under “Bill Information” you can search for the bill that interests you.  Once you go to the web page for a particular bill, you can “subscribe” to that bill via a button at the bottom of the page, “unsubscribe” to that bill, or check which other bills you may be tracking by going to “subscription list.”


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